Friendswood Challenge Elite

Friendswood Challenge Elite Volleyball Club

Club Fee

Club fee includes uniforms package, tournament fees, coaches salary, admin, training, facility rental, and equipments.  This club fee does not include travel and hotel expenses

U11 local team will play 6 tours.  State teams will play 10 tournaments with at least one tournament outside of Houston (Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, etc).  Travel teams will play 12 tournaments, including in-state tournaments and one outside of Texas at the end of the season.  Please note travel team fees include AAU Junior National Volleyball champions in Florida or USAV Junior National Championships if qualify, and post season extra practices to prepare for National. 

Tentative Pricing

U11 Local:  $1800, 2 practices a week

U12 State:  $2300, 2 practices a week

U13 State: $2400, 2 practices a week

U13 State:  $2900, 3 practices a week

U14-U15 State:  $3000, 3 practices a week

U14-U15 Travel: $3500, 3 practices a week

U16-U18 State: $2500, 2 practices a week

U16-U18 State:  $3000, 3 practices a week

U16-U18 Travel:  $3500, 3 practices a week

At tryout, there will be a $500 non-refundable deposit if accepted to the club team.  We accept cash or check, this deposit is going toward your club fee.

The payment options for the rest of the club fee are as follows:

Option 1:

Provide one-time cash payment in full, cash or check.  $100 discount if paid in full.

Option 2:

Provide 7 post-dated remaining evenly divided checks due on the 15th of each month from August 2019 to February 2020. 

There will be a $40 charge for any returned check.