Friendswood Challenge Elite

Volleyball Club


Player's name is replaced with XYZ for privacy.  

"Thanks so much for the training over the past month.  It's the most productive and fun practices that they have had this season with Challenge Elite"

" XYZ was so glad to see team mates and play ball!  She came home so happy. This is good for their spirits."

"Thank you for celebrating her birthday.  XYZ said it was best birthday ever!"

"Same for my girl - most fun of the whole season.  Really like the more individualized feedback as well as the good amount of time spent scrimmaging"

"XYZ couldn't stop smiling after Wednesday night practice.  She loved it!"

"XYZ has really enjoyed the smaller group and being outside"

"My girls have enjoyed the training, and it is great to play again"

"XYZ loves being back with her teammates.  She's enjoying the training"

"My kids have been going to the outdoor training and it's been really effective because of the small group setting.  I was a little concerned before it started just because of sharing germs, but there are copious amounts of hand sanitizer and it has been really good training in almost private training setting"

"Its been really fun outdoor"

"XYZ was happy to get out and brush off rust.  She enjoyed seeing her team.  She's looking forward to sand/beach 2v2 vball"