Friendswood Challenge Elite

Volleyball Club

Summer Outdoor Program

Beach Training on Grass Football Field
at Friendswood Junior High

About our Summer Outdoor Program:

Challenge Elite offers high performance volleyball doubles training with maximum 8 players per grass court with detailed instructions. Coach to Player Ratio besting other outdoor/beach programs. This outdoor training will prepare doubles to compete at a high level during sand tournaments.

Payment: $25 per session pay online or cash at the door.  Please pay in advance prior to training.  If it is your first time attending outdoor program, please do fill out registration.  Thank you!

Dates of Sessions:  May 18 to July 30 (Tuesday and Thursday) @ 6:15-8:15 pm  
Logo Tank Top is $25 and Spalding King of Beach Volleyball is $50.
NOTE:  All clubs are welcome to attend the training and playing doubles for the same price.  Friends are welcome.  This year we added some excellent coaches for beach volleyball.  Thank you
We had 7 teams qualified for USAV Beach National in 2019.   USA Beach Volleyball posted some pictures of our players on their website playing at Manhattan Beach California National event.  This year USAV Beach National will be in Huntington Beach California from July 18 to July 21, 2020.
For questions, please email to 

Player Registration for Beach Program

FAQ for Beach VB Training Program


-Where are these training sessions  located?
Friendswood Junior High School Football field

Address: 1000 Manison Pkwy, Friendswood, TX 77546

-What are the benefits of practicing on a grass field to train for sand doubles volleyball?
Being outdoors, you get the benefits of practicing with the heat and wind factors, while on a stable field learning how to improve footwork, all around skills, and game strategies.  In Dallas and everywhere in the US, young players learn to play and train doubles on grass as a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor.  This will help a player improve and translate this to playing on sand.
-Do the girls get to scrimmage?
Yes, we train one hour then scrimmage one hour.
-Where and how can we make payments?
$25 per session pay online as you go (Nonrefundable)

-What if I do not have a partner?
You do not have to have partner to participate in our Summer Beach Program. We will pair you off with other players of same skill level that do not have partners as well.

-How can I learn about when and where there are tournaments?
There are many sand double tournaments in Texas, specifically in Galveston and Dallas. To compete you must be registered with USAV. Check this site for Beach Qualifiers
-How can I request for small private group training (prefer 4 players per group), or coaching on game day?
Please email for your request.
For Beach Volleyball Rules and Guideline, please follow the link below
Best Pro Beach Players